Company Profile

The founder Luciano Flores, LU for short, has over twenty years experience on the manufacturing field. Since the 80's a lot of things have changed in the manufacturing industry, but something that hasn't changed is the quality and ingenuity of the American workforce. LU has stayed up- to- date with ever changing technology and machining procedures. LU became certified as a CNC machinist in the late 90's and since then he has taken countless programming courses.

In 2009 after loosing his job to the greatest recession the United States has seen since the 30's LU started a journey. Too young to retire, he enrolled in the bussiness management course at the community college. The rest is a story to be written.

Now with a team of talented and hard working individuals ready to put the latest technology to work for your company. We offer quality craftsmanship and most important an honest approach to your needs. Our full automated equipment and facility are ready to start on your projects.

Maximize the productivity of industrial machineries with cutting-edge technologies.